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As a child, I questioned every rule & never accepted an answer until I understood the reason behind it. As an adult, I’ve continued to push ideas by taking risks with my storytelling, my speaking, and my writing.

I challenge the status quo quantitatively and qualitatively using research to instill change and telling emotionally-charged stories to sway minds.

I approach complex issues from the perspective of an artist knowing that mastery only comes through intensive practice, finding the correct partners, and the ability to fail greatly.

I dare to learn. And learn how to better dare.

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Over the past few years, I have sought to merge the emotional with the practical, mixing high-concept ideas with measured research as a means of creating change. I am an artist, a storyteller, a speaker, a writer, and a researcher, merging the personal and the professional to deliver programs aimed directly at your audience.

  • As a male survivor of sexual assault, I transform cultures implicit in allowing for sexual violence while providing support for survivors.

    I utilize storytelling to help communities craft action-oriented opportunities to understand how to prevent any form of sexual violence and provide curriculum grounded in systems theory to evoke change.
  • Removing personal and professional barriers to creative pursuits spanning across all aspects of life. Rekindle the childlike curiosity we lose upon hearing no.

    Creativity is a skill we all carry until we begin to internalize the no we have been told time and time again. My work addresses the stigma around creativity within organizations, the need for an artistic mentality when approaching work, and techniques on how to turn risks and failure into direct learning lessons.
  • Demystify concepts of entrepreneurial innovation by removing the fear of failure no matter how extensive the risk. Innovation often lies in the creation of something new that can provide value to a situation but fostering this mindset is a communal process.

    Cultivating innovation comes from a culture treating risk like a playground instead of a prescribed set of behaviors. It relies on a shift in how our teams address failure as either losing or learning.
  • Everyone can use the electronic tools at our disposal in the cultivation of new ideas, building stronger relationships, and producing community change.

    By focusing on why we use the tools of our reality instead of how to only use these tools, we cultivate greater opportunities for connection. This topic relies on neurolinguistics programming in providing action items geared towards creating thriving communities both in person and digitally.

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It is amazing how students feel empowered after hearing Tim. He has the unique ability to reach all genders and make the difficult topic of sexual assault accessible to a widely diverse population.
It is not only his deft delivery of this material that makes Tim special. His talent at creating a rapport with the audience always makes for a long line of greeters after each of his talks. This is what makes him special: the genuine concern he has for our students—so much so that he stays for as long as needed to meet each of those who want to have individual conversations. To this end, we have truly welcomed him as a part of our university family."
- Amy Palder, Assistant Dean of Students and Chief Conduct Officer, Oglethorpe ...
At his time with Texas A&M and Duke University, Tim’s delivery method was both moving and engaging. His story has the ability to develop empathy in a population that is often indifferent and hard to reach. Several students reported that his response to drinking, sex, and sexual violence was the most realistic and relatable explanation they had heard. I would definitely utilize his services and recommend him to colleagues in the future.
Simply Fantastic! Tim Mousseau has been a staple of Oglethorpe University’s yearly approach to addressing our campus’ sexual assault conversation. Specifically, through New Student Orientation and Greek Life, Tim’s Retaking Our Story: Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation presentation always receives extraordinarily high praise from our students making him consistently our highest rated campus speaker.


Every story begins with a thought. Someone has a musing. An inspiration. An idea of what could be followed by drive and creating results. Every story begins with an idea that becomes action.

I take seeds of ideas grounded in these areas and help them flourish. If you have an idea that might benefit from a little nourishment from my expertise, let’s grow it together.

It is time your ideas blossom.

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