Stop hating busy just because someone told you it was bad.

To those who would reference the growing trend of people claiming to be “busy” and the massive amount of articles spent denouncing this subject, there is no need to keep going. At this point, the concept has been beaten to death about as much as “millennials are entitled,” “social media has divided us politically,” and “insert X topic here about why this term/class/category is flawed.”

We have countless articles decrying busy people. Being busy is becoming the new sin, quickly toppling management/manager as a vile word we dare not speak. Soon enough, declaring you are “not” busy and sharing articles on how you have found time to “love not being busy” will replace quotes on management versus leadership.

For me, decrying busyness stands up there with such irrelevant and misappropriated words such as “hustle, tribe, vulnerability, etc.” All of these have become paragons of what we should be chasing, yet offer little substance.

If the one, two, or three world hashtag you are posting on your social media and thoughts stems from what the author of a book created to promote their material, what a speaker shouts out at corporate conferences, or is featured as the “rallying cry” for a “movement” you are not winning at life.

You are performing a pastiche and buying into a system that is monetizing success for these few individuals while sacrificing the potential for free thought in the face of the validation of someone who will never look upon you, their dutiful subject.

The cult of “Not Being Busy” is no less nauseating than #hashtag enter trite phrase here.

It is okay to be busy. I am busy. My calendar has a lot on it. I have to plan. I still enjoy life, but I am busy.

You’re busy. The person next to you is busy. There is nothing wrong with being busy. As long as we own a few things.

If you choose to be busy and bitch about it, stop. You decided this. So don’t complain but find ways to manage your schedule.

If you are tired of asking people “How are you doing?” and they respond “Oh, I am busy” you are at fault, not them. Stop asking shit questions in a shit manner. Because if people could tell you cared enough, they would give you a better response. If you don’t like how people respond to you, look inward about how you are asking the question and why they don’t feel like they can open up to you.

And if you are busy, which we all are, don’t use this as an excuse to be a bad person. If you make plans uphold them. Don’t go shopping for the best event, enjoy the moment in front of you.

But for the love of god, stop writing articles lambasting how bad it is to be busy.

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