Transforming the Generational Narrative on Sexual Violence

As a speaker, advocate, and researcher, Tim seeks to not only impart knowledge but to empower your organization and community members to create meaningful change. To accomplish this, he understands it is not enough to just speak to audience. We must build enduring partnerships and focus on tangible outcomes.Learn more about his work below.

Vulnerable Speaking

People connect with powerful stories. Vulnerability has a powerful effect on conversations.
Tim believes these two concepts to be true across all aspects of life. By framing his speaking around real stories – the stories he has experienced and those he has encountered through thousands of interactions with other survivors, students, and men across the country – Tim draws your audience in and gives them a reason to care.

Pulling from his expertise and experiences, Tim can handle any difficult conversation, never shying away but allowing audience members to ask hard questions, challenge mindsets, and reframe the discussion towards productive outlooks. Throughout his speaking, popular topics include:

  • Sexual Assault Prevention & Survivor Support
  • How to Talk About Sex & Sex Positivity
  • The Complexities of Consent including the Role of Drugs, Alcohol, Power, and Privilege
  • Meaningful Strategies for Bystander Engagement
  • The Role of Men in Preventing Sexual Violence
  • Evolving Healthy Masculinity
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Cutting-Edge Research

Sexual violence education has seen many changes through cultural and generational shifts over the years. Tim wants to continue to redefine education with effective strategies and relevant stories that engage audiences. When dealing with such a crucial issue, it is never enough to rely on the research of others. Tim has worked with strategic partners to create, test and conduct research to guide these critical conversations better.

Tim’s research encompasses a variety of topics from understanding how the emergent generation are experiencing and processing sexual violence to the way 16-to-24-year-olds view masculinity. Ranging from quantitative to qualitative research, Tim has worked to stay at the forefront of understanding the strategies that work, the solutions needed, and the approaches to take in maximizing efforts to eradicate sexual violence.

Whenever Tim works with a campus, organization, or non-profit, he is ecstatic about the opportunity to discuss research options and use original assessment to provide additional value to your programs.

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Ongoing Consulting & Policy Change

As an advocate, Tim understands there are times when a one-time engagement is not enough. The issue of sexual violence prevention is a pervasive, cross-generational issue and as such requires ongoing multiple-engagement support. Tim’s goal is to treat every partner with the respect your unique culture and circumstances deserve. He understands it takes time to understand what it is that makes your population, well, your population.

Above all, Tim is in this for the long haul, and he always seeks out opportunities to create a lasting impacting for your campus, organization, or greater community.

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Legal & Professional Support

A pervasive form of sexual violence, harassment and assault have no place in our communities, organizations, teams, or squadrons. When balancing the legalese of ensuring
your organization is protected with the creation of a supportive company culture, the tendency can be to play it as safe as possible. In all forms of prevention and policy, the humanity of the people in your organization must never be forgotten.

Tim pulls from his own experiences facing sexual harassment as a result of his survivorship,
his work helping numerous startups move from inception to profit, and his certifications through SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) to cover all aspects of policy, people, and legal protection.

Whether you are just starting or part of an established culture, sexual harassment never has any place in any organization.

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