Combating Sexual Assault. Redefining Masculinity. Provoking Change.

As a male survivor, Tim makes sure no one has to experience what he went through. Throughout his work, Tim has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students and professional on their role in this issue.

Through the use of personal narrative, original research on his topics, and vulnerable connections with his attendees, Tim doesn’t just tell his story; he empowers his audiences to take ownership of their own. Tim is on a mission to redefine how we treat sexual violence, what it means to be a man, and how these intersect.

An advocate and storyteller, Tim challenges his audiences to seize their story to transform their community.

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“My goal is to provide a space that cultivates critical thought, allows for compassionate vulnerability, and provokes tangible change.”

With his MA in Organizational Leadership, Tim didn’t start out speaking on this topic. Initially, he began focused on how high school and college students could intentionally own their narratives to bring about change.

Due to his experiences as a survivor, Tim shifted into the field of sexual violence prevention before making this his life work. The result? Tim connects with your students, employees, and communities on a personal level first, leveraging his own experiences with trauma, working with other survivors, and probing masculinity to create change. Now he speaks over 50 times per year on this topic.

Tim has led the movement for men and women ages 16-to-24 concerning owning their role in sexual violence prevention. Join him in sparking change.

  • As a survivor of sexual assault, join Tim on his mission to ensure no one has to every experience any form of sexual violence.
    Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Masculinity
    In working with organizations such as Movember, 1 in 6, and The Good Men Project, Tim has helped our growing & emergent generations embrace the ever-evolving field of masculinity.
  • Leadership
    With an MA in Organizational Leadership and a background in curriculum writing, Tim drives powerful conversations centered around legacy and creating meaningful personal stories.

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