Combating Sexual Assault. Redefining Masculinity. Provoking Change.

As a male survivor of sexual violence and severe sexual harassment, it is my mission to ensure no one has to experience what I went through. As a speaker, I have worked with over 150 different organizations at over 300 keynotes across the country to combat sexual violence, sexual harassment, and redefine masculinity. As a former Director of Human Resources in the start-up space, I have participated in the process of building company cultures that are inclusive, welcoming, and conducive to success.

Through the use of personal narrative, original research, direct experience, and vulnerable connections with my audiences, I don’t just tell my story; I provide tools and empower attendees to take ownership of their cultures. It is my mission to redefine how our companies, leaders, and employees create workplaces welcoming to all and devoid of harassment.

I would love to talk about how I can help your organization create a culture conducive for all.

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“My goal in everyone program is to create a space that cultivates critical thought, allows for a clear look internally, and provokes actionable change.”

With my MA in Organizational Leadership, I didn’t start out speaking on the topic of sexual violence or harassment. Initially, I focused on how an organization’s leadership could use creativity within their work.

Due to my experiences as a male survivor of sexual assault coupled with a glaring example of sexual harassment at the hands of a former boss, I shifted my focus to the pressing topics of preventing sexual violence of all kinds. Over the past few years, I have worked to develop the right expertise to address these delicate but crucial topics.

Professional, for two years I served as the Director of Consulting for LaunchPoint, a training organization followed on college-aged recruitment. Next, I worked at Buhv Designs, a Denver-based web startup. Across three years there, I helped the company grow from 3 partners to close to 20 employees. In my Director of Human Resources role, I helped build a company culture, write policies, and ensure state and federal compliance with laws.

Across this time, my speaking never stopped. While maintaining a full-time work schedule, I conducted original research with individuals to gain a better knowledge of their perceptions on sexual violence, harassment, and assault.

As a speaker, I have spoken at over 300 keynotes, workshops, and programs for over 150 clients. My audiences have ranged from college students to legal conferences to for-profit and non-profit businesses. Through my work, I love connecting with leaders, teams, employees, and communities on a personal level first, leveraging my experiences with trauma, original research, and hands-on, proven experience to create change. Now, as a full-time speaker, I speak over 50 times per year on this topic.

I would love to learn more about how I can help your organization build an inclusive and equitable culture free of sexual violence, harassment, and assault.

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