About Me

At the start of my career, right as I was finishing my Master’s in Organizational Leadership, I thought I had it all figured out. I’d toil in the arena of leadership. I’d craft the next innovative leadership framework. And then I’d deliver that one in a million Ted Talk or perfectly timed speech that would launch a new book and theory.

Although a bit unrealistic, I knew early on that I loved speaking, telling stories, and creating initiatives centered on engrained cultural change. Then, at 22 something changed. I experienced sexual violence and by proxy, sexual harassment at work.

Coming to terms with my experiences left me feeling powerless. I decided no one else should ever feel that way.

I’ve researched, studied, and worked tirelessly in the fields of prevention, initially focused on sexual violence and harassment prevention. As times evolved, so did my research and work to the point that I found this new purpose.

The idea that everyone needs to feel safe.

In our relationships, in our organizations, and in our communities. People crave safety.

And they deserve it.

Today, I help organizations create safe environments. Through a researched and tested framework, I help organizations build cultures that move beyond compliance and emphasize humanity. Through harassment and violence prevention, I build safer organizations. And I empower people to use tools that allow them to exist in safer cultures.

My clients span the Fortune 1000 and a variety of industries unified by the desire to create safer, harassment and violence-free organizations. Over 300 companies, universities, and installations across the world including FMC Corporation, Solenis, the United States Air Force, members of Congress, and beyond have partnered with my work. I am trusted by  HR Executives, squadron commanders, Title IX Directors, and VSPAs to make complex topics approachable.

Researcher turned speaker

With his background in and a love for research, Tim makes complex concepts bite-sized and approachable. Everything he does is grounded in his unique research around safety and tailored to your situation.

Reliable honesty

Talking about sexual violence and harassment is difficult. Tim makes it easier. Through a reliable openness, he uses profound stories and researched concepts to challenge existing structures and systems that aren’t working.

Finding common ground

If we are ever going to overcome the harm that people experience, we must be honest and open. Tim is known for creating an opening space where everyone is welcome but participants leave with a clear idea on how they can be a part of the solution.

Always a focused energy

Tim is a master at identifying the targeted problem of a bigger issue. Through a keen mind that loves tackling both the big and small picture, he approaches matters and cuts to the heart of what needs to change.

What it means to talk to your community

Every community has nuanced issues. You deserve a partner who will work with you to customize the education offered to fit your specific needs. From our initial calls where I use an exploratory assessment to get to the root of your needs, to independent community research I conduct before our event, rest assured that every one of my programs is tailored to offer the most relevant content to your experience.

My goal is to integrate with and compliment your work in a seamless way that leaves your audiences engaged and makes your work easier from booking to delivery to follow up.

Watch a short video about Tim