Building safer cultures where people feel respected, can speak up, are more creative, and more engaged.

At their core, people crave safety. When they feel safe, they are more engaged, more creative, and build strong relationships. When people feel unsafe, experiencing harm as complex as harassment or as simple as communication breakdowns, they push back, they stop speaking up, and eventually they leave.

Building off of my work in sexual violence prevention, original research on emotional safety, and years as a Human Resources Director, I make what feels like a complex topic more approachable. By focusing on bringing humanity to compliance, I help create cultures where people feel safe.



Live Virtual and Onsite Programs that have a proven impact from keynotes to workshops on emotional safety.

Coupling my story having experienced sexual harassment along with my work as a Human Resources Director, I understand that making our people feel safe isn’t just a compliance matter; it’s a necessity rooted in humanity. Using my personal background and near a decade of professional work in compliance, prevention planning, and training and development, I show how the feeling safe often doesn’t come down to incidents that make headlines, but instead is created and reinforced in our day to day culture.

Tim Mousseau

Making Compliance a Cultural Value

Too often compliance is something we discuss from a place of mandatory. Where we don’t like to think of this topic until the worst-case scenario, and many times we act to avoid liability, building a culture where people care about each other’s Emotional Safety boundaries and needs doesn’t have to be stuffy. In fact, when issues of emotional safety are handled properly, people don’t just experience less harm, they are part of a stronger organization.

Bridging the Generational Gap

For years my research has focused on Generation Z and Millennials. By approaching this topic from the position of a seasoned people’s manager with a proven HR track record, I helps to bridge the gap for leadership, managers, and individual contributors of all ages.

Finding Common Ground

No matter the person, everyone craves some degree of emotional safety. For some this might mean career security or not being replaced by technology. For others it is how they receive feedback or communication. For everyone it is an environment free of harassment. No matter how personal, I meld research and compelling narratives to create a space where team members can address concerns, overcome past violations, and create plans to move forward.

Building Cultures Where People Feel Safe

At their core people crave safety. Building off of his powerful story having experienced sexual harassment and years of research and compliance experience, I use this keynote to cut through obstacles and focus on what matters: Creating a culture where people feel safe. Cultures where people can bring their best selves, create openly, and speak up without fear of reprisal.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams... 

  • Human Resource Directors seeking to improve employee retention, engagement, and creative thinking skills
  • Organizations going through transitions or restructuring and seeking to create a sense of stability
  • Teams and work groups managing fast-paced tasks in high-pressure environments where communication breakdowns can cause harm
  • Companies that place a high priority on all kinds of safety and adhere to strict safety protocols

Audiences will take away...

  • An understanding of the business and people cases for Emotional Safety as applied to their specific role, and understand why it can feel hard to discuss
  • Defining personal expectations and boundaries concerning Emotional Safety
  • Learn about the 4 instinctive reactions to stress, innate deflection tactics to cope with Emotional Safety violations, and how to overcome these habits
  • Overcome the obstacles of Power and Patterns in creating Emotionally Safe cultures
  • Tools to Bridge Trust Gaps due to past violations or fears of a lack of respect that derails safe cultures

Making Compliance Personal

Through this program, I approach harassment not just from a legal or policy perspective but through the lens of creating cultural values centered in humanity. Through this interactive, researched, and story-driven program, organizations will go beyond the bare minimum in helping prevent harassment.

This program is perfect for...

  • Human Resource Directors seeking to take a compelling and engaging approach to sexual harassment prevention and training
  • Organizations looking to improve employee retention through an emphasis on safety
  • Companies going through a merger or acquisition to create a cohesive, unified culture
  • New and rising people managers seeking to create stronger team cultures

Audiences will take away...

  • A clear understanding of the behaviors that normalize sexual harassment and learn how these insidious behaviors infiltrate a culture
  • Skills to set personal boundaries that maximize feelings of respect
  • Defining the individual role they can play in identifying, challenging, and assisting in stopping a problematic situation
  • Setting team boundaries and expectations that help peers feel safe and recognized

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