Sexual Assault/Harassment Prevention & Response that ensures cultural change on a dynamic level.

Using his experience as a survivor of sexual violence, Tim connects researched concepts of primary prevention to personal narratives, providing a compelling briefing and tested expertise to meet benchmarks and create cultures of care.

Creating cultures where individuals always feel safe to speak up, speak out, and challenge sexual violence.


As a survivor, Tim has worked to transform how we discuss this conversation. Through skill-development, and connecting the personal experience with the larger issue, Tim helps build cultures where individuals not only feel empowered but also know how they can contribute to a culture that prevents sexual violence.

Live Virtual Training and Onsite Sessions that have a proven impact, from briefings to Command training.

Tim Mousseau

Bystander Engagement That Works

Engagement must feel approachable. From tackling the complexity of bystander engagement to looking at the systems and structures that can prevent people stepping in and speaking up, my approach to Bystander Engagement gives people a reason to care, and a proven way to use their voice to combat sexual violence.

Consent Training That Feels Human

At its core, consent is communication. From interpersonal relationships to addressing romantic or sexual situations, my approach to consent accounts for not only policy and compliance but also the human side of this concept. Consent, in theory is easy; this training makes it easy in practice as well.

Powerful Survivor Support

As a survivor, my advocacy started because immediately after my assault I felt powerless. I work to make sure no one ever feels the same. Pulling from the first-hand experience of overcoming sexual violence coupled with years of research and certifications, I center my work on other survivors. My programs show participants how to remove the stigma of survivorship, provide the right resources, and prevent further harm.

Leadership Training that Creates a Lasting Impact

Pairing a powerful personal story of survivorship with years of research, this keynote empowers leadership and Command in understanding how to build cultures that challenge sexual violence/harassment. Through prevention planning and an emphasis on cultural-building, this program creates change made to last.

Perfect for Command, Leadership (Enlisted and Officers), Program Advisors, SARCS, SAPR, and SHARP: 

  • Looking to create an action plan around specific topics as related to sexual violence for each unit or across an installation
  • Seeking to deliver compelling and timely content that accounts for generational differences towards addressing issues like healthy relationships, consent, bystander engagement, and survivor support
  • Overcome obstacles to generating buy-in. Discussing sexual assault is an already heavy topic that can cause people to disconnect or focus too much on compliance. Tim makes the topic approachable and relatable to the human

Audiences will take away...

  • Develop a clear action plan for an effective and manageable sexual assault prevention campaign
  • Shift their unit or installation culture to one of personal responsibility and care
  • Keep up to date on the latest trends, data, and federal mandates as related to sexual assault/harassment prevention and response

Training that Transforms How Individual Troops Perceive their Impact on Sexual Assault

A challenging but honest briefing that tackles the individual impact troops can have towards preventing sexual assault/harassment; and why we sometimes don’t realize we can do more than we think. An expansive training that covers skill-development for topics ranging from consent to survivor support to bystander engagement. Sexual assault training is a serious topic, it deserves a training that teaches our troops how they can help take action to bring a stop to sexual assault

Perfect for military members, civilians, and dependents...

  • To meet mandatory compliance-based training around Sexual Assault and Harassment
  • To shift a unit or installation culture and thinking around the individual role everyone can play in preventing sexual assault
  • Support primary and secondary survivors within a community through a trauma-informed program

Audience will take away...

  • To teach direct skills they can immediately deploy around consent, building relationships, bystander engagement, and survivor support.
  • Provoke honest conversations about the challenges faced while making the topic personally relevant to everyone in attendance
  • Provide a survivor-first focus to remove the stigma and fear that is associated with reporting while using a trauma-informed speaking method to provoke change.

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