Creating Safer Cultures

Speaker | Researcher | Curriculum Designer

Combating sexual violence and harassment, bringing humanity to compliance, and building organizations that prioritize emotional safety.

People crave safety.

In our organizations and communities when people feel safe, they are more engaged, more proactive, and build stronger relationships.

Prevention demands humanity.

From sexual violence prevention to stopping workplace harassment, effectively preventing harm requires a focus on people.

Compliance is proactive.

When done right, compliance doesn’t have to be a burden or afterthought. By elevating the voices of your team members, it makes compliance personal.

That's where Tim does his best work...

Sexual Violence Prevention

Training, workshops, and curriculum design that makes prevention approachable. Through Title IX training, peer education, and prevention planning, I can support your Student Affairs team, staff, or students on this critical issue.

Emotional Safety

Speaking that creates Emotionally Safe cultures. Trainings for emergent managers, leaders, and individual contributors to teach a proven method towards creating safer cultures where people can bring their best selves and feel more engaged.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Provide briefings and expertise to help the military address Sexual Violence/Harassment Prevention and Response efforts. From survivor support to bystander engagement to consent, proven efforts addressing national goals.

At 22, I got my dream job. I was ecstatic about my future. Then, I experienced not only an incident of sexual violence but also workplace sexual harassment. For a time, I felt hopeless and ashamed. I felt powerless. So, I decided to make sure no one else ever has to feel like I did.

Making Prevention Personal

Training and expertise that brings humanity to compliance and prevention.

Putting People First

Trainings that prioritize the needs of the audience to create safer environments for everyone.



8 years of primary prevention and research distilled into individual skill-development and organizational change initiatives.

Curriculum Design

Creation of Peer Education, Prevention Planning, and Emotional Safety Assessments to create sustainable and lasting change.

In-Person or Virtual

No matter how we are working together, I fervently believe everyone deserves to feel safe.


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